What Sets Us Apart

Modern Conceptions is an Oregon based boutique agency that prides itself in providing the highest level of personalized services to its surrogates and intended parents. Modern Conceptions staff offers face-to-face interaction and continuous support to its intended parents throughout the entire surrogacy journey. Modern Conceptions founder has been a surrogate partner to a four time-gestational carrier. Our founder not only understands the complexities of the surrogacy process, but also understands the emotional impact the surrogacy journey has on surrogates and intended parents. Therefore, Modern Conceptions staff works closely with the surrogate and intended parents throughout the entire surrogacy process.

Our staff will:

● Facilitate introductions and/or communications between intended parents and surrogates.

● Educate and support the intended parents and surrogate throughout their journey.

● Arrange for psychological screening, testing, and evaluation of surrogates.

● Locate and arrange an appointment with an attorney who specializes in reproductive family law and is experienced with surrogate arrangements.

● Review surrogate’s medical records from her previous pregnancies. 

● Match surrogates and intended parents.

● Assist in obtaining life insurance for surrogates.

● Assist in preparing intended parents and surrogate for IVF.

● Monitor, process, and authorize reimbursement to surrogate of expenses.

● Organize travel and accommodation needs of surrogate and intended parents.

Modern Conceptions staff performs complete background checks and internal screening on all of its surrogates. We believe this vigorous screening process helps protect the health and safety of the surrogates, while providing peace of mind to the intended parents. Modern Conception works with respected psychological surrogacy professionals to provide screening of the surrogate and her spouse/partner. We believe the relationship between the surrogate and intended parent is one of the most critical elements in the surrogacy process, and we work tirelessly to make the right match.

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